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Zero waste hotel - Conca Park - Sorrento

Zero Waste: our commitment to protect the environment

In this hotel we practice a series of initiatives aimed at environmental sustainability to reduce, reuse, recycle.

Thanks to the adoption of the strategy Hotel & Restaurant Zero Waste – A star for the environment abbiamo:

– Reached the 80% of separate collection;
– Deletes all of disposable and single portions from our departments;
– Removed the plastic and introduced a number of recyclable and / or compostable materials;
– Introduced dispenser to limit the consumption in water;
and many other innovations that you can see in this video!

Even you, as our guest, can help reduce the pollution of our environment!

Thanks to our commitment to the project “Hotels and Restaurants Zero waste” we have received the award ZERO WASTE ITALY 2014

Photos of the award of Mariella Russo

On June 2014, together with other 17 enterprises, hotel Conca Park received the award “Zero waste 2014”, for distinguishing itself in the “Zero Waste” race.
The award has been handled by members of national evaluation committee Patrizia Lo Sciuto, Patrizia Pappalardo. Enzo Favorino, Franco Matrone e Rossano Ercolini, by Capannori major, Luca Menesini, by the assessor for the environment Matteo Francesconi and by Concetta Mattia as a representative of Anpas.

Zero Waste H&R Project, started from A Star for Environment, is thought to be realized on line and proposes itself as a model of optimization in the utilization of energy, water and thermal resources, thanks to a virtuous raising of environmental awareness, with the purpose of combinig social, economical and environmental goals in a sustainability growth course.

Godfathers of the initiative Zero Waste H&R are Paul Connet Ideator of “world Zero Waste strategy” and Rossano Ercolini, winner of Goldman 2013 for the environment.
Zero Waste: a star for the environmentThe project is aimed not just to reduce waste and start them to a correct disposal, but mainly to realize a chart of sustainability going from producers to suppliers, from staff to guests.

Through posters displayed in the hotel, and thanks to information given by staff, guest can understand how to conform to correct environmental practices; these practices are in the direction using recycled materials and not using throwaway items (sugar bowls instead of thousands of sugar sachets, refillable dispenser for jam, mayonnaise, soap … instead of hundred thousands of single items, beverage in returnable water bottles…); the Hotel invites to buy water bottles and get free water from dispensers instead of introducing thousand of plastic bottles in the hotel and more, the hotel realizes the composing from wet waste and reuses it as fertilizer.
Finally, our effort is to valorize territorial resources through menu “Km 0”.

Spend some of your time to Zero Waste strategy, click below!

Zero Waste Hotel
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