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Our citrus grove

Take a stroll anytime in our green oasis

  • Zero-miles garden

    The hero of our kitchen lies hidden in the magical, practical microcosm of our Mediterranean gardens beside the hotel: the vegetable garden. Tomato plants, sweet peppers, ripe fruit, oil and seasonal vegetables that you’ll find on our table, all come from here. From the citrus grove we pick the best lemons, making jams and classic Sorrento limoncello, bring a little sun into your glass with the most delicious oranges. You can also reserve to visit our zero-miles pantry, where we’ll reveal our secrets.

  • The pool among the citrus trees

    Reserve our green oasis for your exclusive use and decide whether to stroll under the fiery kiss of the sun or the comforting shelter of the fronds. When you get tired of walking, have a swim. Our private swimming pool with poolside sunbeds offers easy refreshment in the Sorrento citrus grove. Fancy a dive into nature? Swim in nature

  • A dive into green

    The citrus grove next to the hotel is home to exclusive Mediterranean experiences and can be accessed only by booking. Enter the grove and fill your eyes with the greenest and most authentic nature there is: endless paths open up among citrus trees, palms and colourful flowers. Take refuge in a swirl of colours, aromas and sensations: take a deep breath of nature

From garden to table

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