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Green hotel

  • Zero waste policy

    Since 2014 we were recognized as first zero waste hotel in Italy! During the years, with guests' help we reduced of 40% our waste production. Raw leftovers of vegetables and fruits and wet waste coming from breakfast become a fertile compost for our garden! We grind empty glass bottles, this glass-dust will be reused to make pool filters. Every day we do our best to avoid any kind of useless waste or useless consumption. You can't change the world but you can make the difference!

  • From earth to earth

    The leftovers from our zero-miles breakfast make excellent fuel for the garden: they become compost to fertilize naturally and drastically reduce waste. At Conca Park, breakfast is entirely zero-waste.

  • Recycling

    We recycle our waste carefully. With help from our guests we have managed a rate of 95% recycling. The aim is 100%. Even if you can’t change the world you can make a difference.

  • No more plastic

    We don’t like single-use products, or monodose items: so you’ll notice we have only glass conteiners and refillable dispensers. You will not find courtesy sets and we don’t sell drinks in plastic glasses. Drinking from glass is better for our environment.

  • Drop by drop

    The most precious element of all is one we have to protect. We irrigate green areas with collected rainwater which is stored in our own artesian well. In the hotel you’ll see free water dispensers, use our recyclable water bottles and fill them whenever you need. Free refill of life.

  • The energy you need

    Only energy-saving technologies: our lights are timed, and the air conditioning pauses when doors or windows are opened. We do what we can to avoid any kind of waste.

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